Orthodontics Emergency Information

If you have problems — or, when to call us
with an orthodontic emergency:

Sometimes during a course of orthodontic treatment, pieces of the hardware loosen or break off. Sometimes these need to be fixed soon and sometimes right away. Here’s some info on when to call us. But please, always feel free to call our office with any and all concerns you might have regarding your braces.

Use dental wax to help alleviate any discomfort associated with braces, bands, brackets, wires or springs until your appointment.

BAND The metal ring on your teeth that holds parts of your braces or expansion appliances.

ARCHWIRE A metal wire that is attached to your brackets to move your teeth.

TISSUE GUARD — A gray or clear plastic tube placed on the metal archwire to help with discomfort from the archwire pushing on the gum tissue. These will be changed at each appointment. Call us if you have a problem.

OPEN COIL SPRING — The coiled spring placed on the archwire to move teeth, create space or hold space for erupting teeth.

BRACKETS — A metal part that is glued onto a tooth and holds the archwire.

ALASTICS — The colored rubber band that secures the archwire to the brackets.