Good Habits

Good HabitsMaking a positive connection with a dentist early on makes a difference for your child’s entire life. Children who see a dentist regularly tend to have fewer problems with tooth decay and gum disease as adults. They also are provided professional guidance on healthy eating and things to avoid, such as tobacco use.

The American Dental Association recommends that parents establish a dentist for their child by his or her first birthday. This helps to establish baselines for the dentist and a regimen for the child. Regular checkups, annually, help to ensure that problems, including misalignment, bite issues and decay, are caught early and can be more easily and affordably corrected.

Most importantly, regular visits to the dentist create good habits and an awareness of mouth health for your child. He or she is more likely to brush without being cajoled, more likely to start a regimen of flossing and more able to explain a tooth problem or mouth pain should one arise.

At Missoula Pediatric Dentistry, our entire approach was developed to ensure our patients actually look forward to their trip to the dentist to see people they like, to do fun things and show off what a great job they’ve done taking care of their teeth.

You can help ensure your child develops good dental habits for life by reinforcing the positive benefits and importance of caring for their teeth, eating healthy foods and avoiding bad habits like tobacco use. Together, we can make sure your child has a healthy mouth and a happy smile.