Missoula is a growing, eclectic small city of around 80,000 people. Its setting in the mountains, wealth of outdoor activities, friendly neighborhood spirit and excellent schools make it a great, healthy place to raise a family.

At Missoula Pediatric Dentistry, our philosophy mirrors that of our community. We genuinely care about our patients and work to support the events and culture that make Missoula a wonderful place to live and work.

If you’re interested in a position with Missoula Pediatric Dentistry, we encourage you to call (406) 541-7334 about available opportunities. Missoula Pediatric Dentistry provides excellent benefits and wages. We are an equal opportunity employer and believe strongly in the value of a fine team.

For more information about Missoula, we encourage you to visit the following links:

The City of Missoula

The Missoula Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

The Missoula Chamber of Commerce

The University of Montana